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White, Grey or Black Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) under the Australian Consumer Law and Intellectual Property Law


Although small business owners can hire a SEO company and still have poor results, a great number of them cannot be refunded for their expenses as there are few relevant laws with respect to this issue

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New York Bar Exam

The exam is performed for 2 days through Tuesday and Wednesday. On the first day, the New York section which consists of five essay questions and 50 multiple choice questions prepared by the New York Board, and one Multistate Performance Test question. The second day of the exam is the MBE section which consists of 200 multiple choice questions.

SEO and Law

Similar to WHSEO, there is no clear legal definition of BHSEO. Another name for BHSEO is 'Unethical SEO'. BHSEO strategies are the opposite of WHSEO and include cybersquatting, abusing meta tags, creating fake reviews to receive backlinks, sending fake website traffic, content farms and using spammy linkbuilding methods. The reason a business owner may pursue using BHSEO is..

Online Defamation

Media law reform is urgently required for Australian citizens regarding online defamation in order to prevent citizens from acts of wrongful behaviour, spreading of misleading information, and attempts to lower their reputation using social media. In Mickle v Farley,Farley, a high school student who was the respondent, published defamatory information about his NSW school music...

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  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Practice
    Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Practice


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  • Theories of Law
    Theories of Law

    Executive Summary The use of unauthorised copyright materials in classes has been a controversial issue, along with such as cheating on exams using smartphones, watches and spy glasses....

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  • Employment Law (Workplace Law)
    Employment Law (Workplace Law)

    The book, “A New Province of Law and Order” was written by Justice Higgins[1] and provides information in terms of the labour relations regime and the frequent chaos...

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  • Corporate Law: Separate Legal Entity
    Corporate Law: Separate Legal Entity

    Executive summary Under section 124 in Corporation Acts, a registered company must be treated as a separate legal entity with all of the powers and capacities of a...

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