Legal Abbreviations

Legal Abbreviations: Abbreviation of Australian Courts


Australian Capital Territory Court of Appeal ACTCA
Federal Court of Australia FCA
Federal Court of Australia FCAFC
Family Court of Australia FamCA
Family Court of Australia FamCA / FamCAFC
High Court of Australia HCA
New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal NSWCCA
Northern Territory Court of Appeal NTCA
New South Wales Court of Appeal NSWCA
Northern Territory Court of Criminal Appeal NTCCA
Queensland Court of Appeal QCA
Supreme Court of New South Wales NSWSC
Supreme Court of the NT NTSC
Supreme Court of Queensland QSC
Supreme Court of the ACT ACTSC
Supreme Court of South Australia SASC
Supreme Court of South Australia SASCFC
Supreme Court of Tasmania TASSC
Supreme Court of Tasmania TASFC
Supreme Court of Western Australia WASC
Supreme Court of Victoria VSC
Tasmanian Court of Criminal Appeal TASCCA
Victorian Court of Appeal VSCA
Western Australian Court of Appeal WASCA


Abbreviations of Judges:

  • ACJ - Acting Chief Justice
  • AJA - Acting Justice of Appeal
  • AJJA - Acting Justices of Appeal
  • AJ - Acting Justice
  • AJJ - Acting Justices
  • AP - Acting President
  • AsJ - Associate Justice
  • AUJ - Auxiliary Judge
  • CJA - Chief Judge Administrator
  • CJ at CL - Chief Judge at Common Law
  • CJ in Eq - Chief Judge in Equity
  • CJ Comm D - Chief Judge of the Commercial Division
  • CJ - Chief Justice
  • Commissioner - Commissioner
  • DCJ - Deputy Chief Justice/District Court Judge
  • FM - Federal Magistrate
  • Judge - Judge
  • JR - Judicial Registrar
  • JA - Justice of Appeal
  • JJA - Justices of Appeal
  • J - Justice
  • JJ - Justices
  • Magistrate - Magistrate
  • Master - Master
  • P - President
  • SJA - Senior Judge Administrator
  • SJ - Senior Judge
  • SJJ - Senior Judges
  • SPJ - Senior Puisne Judge
  • V-P - Vice-President



Other Abbreviations:


A Atlantic Reporter
A 2d Atlantic Reporter (Second Series)
A Crim R Australian Criminal Reports
A Def R Australian Defamation Reports
AAR Administrative Appeals Reports
AATA Administrative Appeals Tribunal
AATR Administrative Appeals Tribunal Reports
ABC Australian Bankruptcy Cases
ABCA Alberta Court of Appeal
ABCP Alberta Court (Provincial)
ABLR Australian Business Law Review
ABPC Provincial Court of Alberta (Canada)
ABQB Court of Queens Bench (Alberta) (Canada)
AC Appeal Cases
ACAC Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission
ACAT(NT) Accident Compensation Appeal Tribunal (NT)
ACCR Australian Consumer Credit Reports
ACJ Judgements of the Arbitration Court of New Zealand
ACLB Australian Construction Law Bulletin
ACLC Australian Company Law Cases
ACLD Australian Current Law Digest
ACLR Australian Company Law Reports
ACompT Australian Competition Tribunal
ACopyT Australian Copyright Tribunal
ACSR Australian Corporations and Securities Reports
ACTAAT Australian Capital Territory Administrative Appeals Tribunal
ACTCA Australian Capital Territory Court of Appeal
ACTDT Australian Capital Territory Discrimination Tribunal
ACTLR Australian Capital Territory Law Reports
ACTMC Australian Capital Territory Magistrates Court
ACTR Australian Capital Territory Reports
ACTRTT Australian Capital Territory Residential Tenancies Tribunal
ACTSC Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court
ACWS (2d) All Canada Weekly Summaries (Second Series)
AD New York Supreme Court Appellate Division Reports
AD South African Supreme Court Appellate Division Reports
Ad & El Adolphus and Ellis' Reports
AD 2d New York Supreme Court Appellate Division (Second Series)
AdelLR Adelaide Law Review
ADFDAT Australian Defence Force Discipline Appeal Tribunal
Admin LR Administrative Law Reports (Canada)
ADR ADR Bulletin
ADRJ Australian Dispute Resolution Journal
ADTribTas Anti-Discrimination Tribunal of Tasmania
ADTribVic Anti-Discrimination Tribunal of Victoria
AE Australian Environment Review
AFPDT Australian Federal Police Disciplinary Tribunal
AFTR 2d (RIA) American Federal Tax Reports (RIA)
AI & L Artificial Intelligence and Law
AILR Australian Indigenous Law Reporter
AILR Australian Industrial Law Review
AIPC Australian Intellectual Property Cases
AIPJ Australian Intellectual Property Journal
AIPO Australian Intellectual Property Organisation
AIR All India Reporter
AIRPC All India Reporter, Privy Council
AIR SC All India Reporter, Supreme Court
AIRCFB Australian Industrial Relations Commission Full Bench
AIRC Australian Industrial Relations Commission
AJAdminL Australian Journal of Administrative Law
AJFL Australian Journal of Family Law
AJHR Australian Journal of Human Rights
AJLL Australian Journal of Labour Law
AJR Australian Jurist Reports
Ala Alabama Supreme Court Reports
ALB Aboriginal Law Bulletin
AICmr Australian Information Commissioner
ALD Administrative Law Decisions
ALJ Australian Law Journal
ALJR Australian Law Journal Reports
ALL Australian Law Librarian
All ER All England Law Reports
All ER (Comm) All England Reports (Commercial Cases)
All ER (D) All England Reports (Digest)
All ER (EC) All England Law Reports (European Cases)
All ER Rep All England Law Reports, Reprint
All ER Rep Ext All England Law Reports, Reprint, Extension Vols
All SA All South African Law Reports
ALLR Australian Labour Law Reporter
ALN Administrative Law Notes
ALNews Australian Law News
ALR Argus Law Reports /  Australian Law Reports
ALR American Law Reports
ALR (CN) Argus Law Reports, Current Notes
ALR 2d American Law Reports (Second Series)
ALT Australian Law Times
ALT (Supp) Australian Law Times, Supplement
Alta LR 2d Alberta Law Reports (Second Series)
AltaCA Alberta Court of Appeal
Am Dec American Decisions
Am R American Reports
Amb Ambler's Chancery Reports
AMC American Maritime Cases
Andr Andrew's King's Bench Reports
Anst Anstruther's Exchequer Reports
ANZ ConvR Australian and New Zealand Conveyancing Reports
ANZ Ins Cas Australian and New Zealand Insurance Cases
ANZ LI Cas Australian and New Zealand Life Insurance Cases
ANZJC Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology
AOJP Australian Official Journal of Patents
APA Australian Planning Appeals
APELJ Asia Pacific Environmental Law Journal
APLB Australian Property Law Bulletin
APLE Australian Professional Liability - Education
APLJ Australian Property Law Journal
APLR Australian Product Liability Reporter
APO Australian Patents Office
App Cas Law Reports Appeal Cases
App DC Appeals Cases, District of Columbia
APR Atlantic Provinces Reports
AR Alberta Reports
AR (NSW) Arbitration Reports (NSW)
Arbitrator & Mediator, The The Arbitrator and Mediator
ArchesCt Arches Court of Canterbury
Ariz Arizona Supreme Court Reports
Ark Arkansas Supreme Court Reports
Ark App Arkansas Appellate Reports
ARM Australian Risk Management
Arn Arnold's Common Pleas Reports
ASAL Australian Sales and Fair Trading Law Reports
ASAL(Digest) Australian Sales and Fair Trading Law Reports Digest
ASC Australian Consumer Sales and Credit Law Reporter
ASLC Australian Securities Law Cases
Asp MLC Aspinall's Maritime Law Cases
Assizes Courts of Assize, or Assizes
ASTLR Australian Succession and Trusts Law Reports
ATC Australian Tax Cases
ATD Australian Tax Decisions
Atk Atkyns' Reports
ATMO Australian Trade Marks Office
ATP Takeovers Panel
ATPR Australian Trade Practices Reports
ATPR (Com) Australian Trade Practices Reports, Commission Decisions
ATPR (Digest) Australian Trade Practices Reports, Digest
ATR Australian Tax Reports
ATRev Australian Tax Review
Aust Bar Rev Australian Bar Review
Aust Const LR Australian Construction Law Reports
Aust Contract R Australian Contract Reports
Aust Jnl of Corp Law Australian Journal of Corporate Law
Aust Torts Reports Australian Torts Reports
Aust Corp Law Australian Corporate Lawyer
Av Cas (CCH) Aviation Law Reporter (US)
B & Ad Barnewell and Adolphus' Reports
B & Ald Barnewell and Alderson's Reports
B & C Barnewell and Cresswell's Reports
BaCA Barbados Court of Appeal
BahCA Bahamas Court of Appeal
Ball & B Ball and Beatty’s Chancery Reports (Ireland)
Barn Ch Barnardiston's Chancery Reports
Barn KB Barnardiston's King's Bench Reports
BC(NSW) New South Wales Bankruptcy Cases
BCC British Company Law Cases
BCCA British Columbia Court of Appeal
BCLC Building and Construction Law Cases
BCLC Butterworths Company Law Cases
BCLR Butterworths Constitutional Law Reports (South Africa)
BCLR British Columbia Law Reports (Canada)
BCPC British Columbia Provincial Court
BCR British Columbia Reports
BCR(NZ) Butterworths Company Reports (NZ)
BCSC British Columbia Supreme Court
BdTdArb Board of Trade and Arbitration
BDTrib(WA) Building Disputes Tribunal (WA)
Beav Beavan's Reports
Bell App Bell's House of Lords Appeal Cases
Bell CC Bell's Crown Cases Reserved
Benl Benloe's Reports
BerkTechLJ Berkeley Technology Law Journal
BHRC Butterworths Human Rights Cases
Bing Bingham's Reports
Bing NC Bingham's New Cases
Bli Bligh's House of Lord Reports
BLPR Biotechnology Law and Policy Reporter
BLR Building Law Reports (UK)
BLR (2d) Business Law Reports (Second Series) (Canada)
BMLR Butterworths Medico-Legal Reports
BondLR Bond Law Review
Bos & P Bosanquet's and Puller's Common Pleas Reports
Bott PL Bott's Poor Law Cases
BPR Butterworths Property Reports
BR & Col Pr Cas British and Colonial Prize Cases
Br & G Brownlow and Goldesborough’s Common Pleas Reports
Bradf Sur Bradford’s New York Surrogate Court Reports
Bridg J Sir J Bridgman's Common Please Reports
Bro CC Brown's Chancery Reports
Bro Parl Cas J Brown's Parliamentary Cases
Brod & Bing Broderip and Bingham's Reports
Brown & Lush Browning and Lushington's Admiralty Reports
Brownl Brownlow and Goldesborough's Common Pleas Reports
BS Brown's Supplement to Morison's Dictionary of Decisions
Bulst Bulstrode's King's Bench Reports
Bunb Bunbury's Reports
Burr Burrow's King's Bench Reports
Burr SC Burrow's Settlement Cases
Bus LR Business Law Report
BVerfGE Bundesverfassungsgericht (Constitutional Court)
BWCC Butterworths Workmen's Compensation Cases (UK)
BWCC (Supp) Butterworths Workmen's Compensation Cases, Supplement (UK)


Cab & El Cababe and Ellis' Queen's Bench Reports
C & P Carrington and Payne's Reports
C&SLJ Company and Securities Law Journal
Cal California Supreme Court Reports
Cal 2d California Reports (Second Series)
Cal App California Appellate Reports
Cal Rptr California Reporter
Cal Rptr 2d California Reporter (Second Series)
CalCA California Court of Appeal
Cald Mag Cas Caldecott (M.C.)
Cambridge LJ Cambridge Law Journal (US)
Camp Campbell's Reports
Canb LR Canberra Law Review
CanIntTT Canadian International Trade Tribunal
CanTC Canada Tax Cases
CAR Commonwealth Arbitration Reports
Car & Kir Carrington and Kirwan's Reports
Car & M Carrington and Marshman's Reports
Carp Pat Cas Carpmeal's Patent Cases
CarswellOnt Carswell Ontario Cases (Canada)
Carth Carthew's King's Bench Reports
Cary Cary's Chancery Reports
Cas in Ch Cases in Chancery
Cas temp Finch Finch's Reports, Chancery
Cas temp King Select Cases in Chancery tempore King
Cas temp Talb Cases in Equity tempore Talbot
CAT Competition Appeal Tribunal (UK)
CayIsCA Cayman Islands Court of Appeal
CB Common Bench Reports
CBR (3d) Canadian Bankruptcy Cases (Third Series)
CCC Canadian Criminal Cases
CCD Commonwealth Employees' Compensation Decisions
CCL Current Commercial Law
CCLI Canadian Cases on the Law of Insurance
CCLJ Competition and Consumer Law Journal
CCLN Competition & Consumer Law News
CCLR Canadian Computer Law Reporter
CCLT Canadian Cases on the Law of Torts
CCPA Reports of the Court of Customs and Patent Appeals
CCRTrib Coal Compensation Review Tribunal
CCTrib Contract of Carriage Tribunal
CDPP Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions
CEC European Community Cases
CECTrib Commonwealth Employees Compensation Tribunal
CELR Canadian Environmental Law Reports
CELR (NS) Canadian Environmental Law Reports, New Series
CentCrimCt Central Criminal Court (UK)
CF and FC Federal Court Reports (Canada)
CFI European Court of First Instance
CFL Current Family Law
Ch Chancery Law Reports
Ch App Law Reports Chancery Appeals
Ch Cas in Ch Choyce's Cases in Chancery
Ch D Chancery Division Law Reports
Ch Rob Christopher Robinson’s Reports, Admiralty
Chan Rep Reports in Chancery
Chit Chitty's King's Bench Reports
Chit BC Chitty's Bail Court Reports
CHRT Canadian Human Rights Tribunal
CILR Cayman Islands Law Reports
CIMCt(NSW) Chief Industrial Magistrates Court (NSW)
CIPR Canadian Intellectual Property Reports
CIsCA Canary Islands Court of Appeal
CLB Communications Law Bulletin
CLC Company Law Cases (Cth)
CLJ Current Law Journal (Malaysia)
CLLR Crown Lands Law Reports (Cth)
CLN Children's Law News from Children's Court NSW
CLNQ Criminal Law News (Qld)
CLNV Bourke's Criminal Law News (Vic)
CLPR Constitutional Law and Policy Review
CLR Commonwealth Law Reports
CMACt(UK) Courts Martial Appeals Court (UK)
CMAT Courts Martial Appeals Tribunal
CMLR Common Market Law Reports (Europe)
CmTribNSW Commercial Tribunal (NSW)
CmTribSA Commercial Tribunal (SA)
CmTribVic Commercial Tribunal (Vic)
CNLR Canadian Native Law Reporter
Co Rep Coke's King's Bench Reports
COD Crown Office Digest (UK)
Coll Collyer's Chancery Cases
Colles Colles' Cases in Parliament
Colum L Rev Columbia Law Rev
Com Cas Commercial Cases
Com LR Commercial Law Reports (UK)
Comb Comberbach's King's Bench Reports
ComCtC&A Commercial Court of Conciliation and Arbitration (Cth)
Comp&L Computers and Law (Cth)
CompRTrib Compensation Review Tribunal
Comyn Comyn’s King’s Bench Reports
Con LR Construction Law Reports (UK)
Con & Law Connor & Lawson's Irish Chancery Reports
Conn Connecticut Reports (US)
ConnCA Connecticut Court of Appeal
ConstCt Consistory Court (UK)
ConstCtSAf Constitutional Court South Africa
ConstLJ Construction Law Journal (UK)
Cook Pr Cas Cooke's Common Pleas Reports
Coop G G Cooper's Reports, Chancery
Coop Pr Cas C P Cooper's Chancery Practice Cases
Coop temp Cott Cooper’s Chancery Reports tempore Cottenham
Copy Reptr Copyright Reporter
Corp Prac Corporation Practice
Cow Cowen’s New York Reports
Cowp Cowper's King's Bench Reports
Cox CC Cox's Criminal Cases
CPD Law Reports, Common Pleas Division
CPLR Civil Practice Law Reports (UK)
CPNN Civil Procedure News New South Wales
CPR Canadian Patent Reporter
CPR (2d) Canadian Patent Reporter (Second Series)
CprghtTrib Copyright Tribunal (UK)
CR Criminal Reports (Canada)
CRR Canadian Rights Reporter
Cr & J Crompton and Jervis' Exchequer Reports
Cr & M Crompton and Meeson's Reports
Cr & Ph Craig and Phillip's Reports
CR (2d) Criminal Reports (Second Series) (Canada)
Cr App R Criminal Appeal Reports
Cr App R (S) Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing)
Cr App Rep Criminal Appeal Reports
Cr App Rep (S) Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing)
Cr M & R Crompton, Meeson and Roscoe's Reports
Cranch Cranch's United States Supreme Court Reports
Craw & D Crawford and Dix’s Circuit Cases (Ireland)
CrCt(UK) Crown Court (UK)
Crim LJ Criminal Law Journal
Crim LR Criminal Law Review (UK)
CrLAuth Credit Licensing Authority
CRNZ Criminal Reports of New Zealand
Cro Car Croke's King's Bench Reports, temp. Charles I
Cro Eliz Croke's King's Bench Reports, temp. Elizabeth
Cro Jac Croke's King's Bench Reports, temp. James
CRR Canadian Rights Reporter
CRR (2d) Canadian Rights Reporter (Second Series)
CrTrib Credit Tribunal
CSIH Court of Sessions, Inner House
CSOH Court of Sessions, Outer House
Ct Cl United States Court of Claims Reports
CtArb Court of Arbitration
CTBR Commonwealth Taxation Board of Review
CTBR  Commonwealth Taxation Board of Review Decisions
CTC Canadian Tax Cases
CtCP Court of Common Pleas (UK)
CtGenSess Court of General Sessions
CthValBd Commonwealth Valuation Board
CtIndArb Court of Industrial Arbitration
CtPettSess Court of Petty Sessions
CtRev(NSW) Court of Review (NSW)
CtRev(Qld) Court of Review (Qld)
CtSess Court of Sessions (UK)
CtyCt County Court
Curt Curteis' Ecclesiastical Reports
Cust Ct Custom Court Reports (US)
Cyprus LR Cyprus Law Reports


Dallas Dallas' United States Supreme Court Reports
Dan Daniell’s Exchequer Reports
Dav & Mer Davison and Merivale's Queen's Bench Reports
Dav Ir Davis Reports (Ireland)
DCLR (NSW) District Court Law Reports (NSW)
DCQBD Divisional Court of Queen's Bench Division
DCR District Court Report (NZ)
DCR (NSW) District Court Reports (NSW)
DCt(Jap) District Court of Japan
DCt(Sap) District Court of Sapporo
DCt(TelAv) District Court of Tel Aviv
DCt(US) District Court of United States
DDCR Dust Diseases and Compensation Reports
De G De Gex's Bankruptcy Reports
De G & J De Gex and Jones' Chancery Reports
De G & Sm De Gex and Smales' Chancery Reports
De GF & J De Gex, Fisher and Jones' Chancery Reports
De GJ & Sm De Gex, Jones and Smith's Chancery Reports
De GM & G De Gex, Macnaghten and Gordon's Reports
Dea & Sw Deane and Swabey’s Ecclesiastical Reports
Deac Deacon’s Bankruptcy Reports
Deac & Ch Deacon and Chitty’s Bankruptcy Reports
Dears & B Dearsley and Bell's Crown Cases Reserved
Dears CC Dearsley's Crown Cases Reserved
Den Denison and Pearce's Crown Cases Reserved
DFC De Facto Cases (Cth)
Dick Dicken's Chancery Reports
Dir maritt Diritto marittimo (Italy)
DJ&S De Gex, Jones & Smith's Chancer Reports
DL Direct Link (New South Wales District and Local Courts Practice Newsletter)
DLR Dominion Law Reports (Canada)
DLR (2d) Dominion Law Reports (Second Series) (Canada)
DocRTrib Document Review Tribunal
Dods Dodson's Admiralty Reports
Doug KB Douglas' King's Bench Reports
Dow Dow's House of Lords Cases
Dow & Cl Dow and Clark's House of Lords Cases
Dow & L Dowling and Lowndes' Bail Court Reports
Dow & Ry KB Dowling and Ryland's King's Bench Reports
Dow & Ry MC Dowling and Ryland’s Magistrates’ Cases
Dowl Dowling's Practice Reports
Dr & War Drury and Warren's Irish Chancery Reports
Drew Drewry's Chancery Reports
Drew & Sm Drewry and Smale's Vice Chancellor's Reports
DRS Dominion Report Service (Canada)
Dr & Wal Drury and Walsh’s Irish Chancery Reports
Drury temp Sug Drury’s Irish Chancery Reports tempore Sugden
DTC Dominion Tax Cases (Canada)
Dunl (Ct of Sess) Court of Session Cases (Second Series) Dunlop (Scotland)
Dyer Dyer's King's Bench Reports


EA East African Law Reports
EACA Law Reports of the Court of Appeals for Eastern Africa
Eag & Y Eagle & Younge's Tithe Cases
East East's King's Bench Reports
EAT Employment Appeal Tribunal (UK)
EB & E Ellis, Blackburn and Ellis' Queen's Bench Reports
ECC European Commercial Cases
Ecc & Ad Spink’s Ecclesiastical and Admiralty Reports
ECHR European Court of Human Rights
ECJ European Court of Justice Court of First Instance of the European Communities - CFI
ECR European Court Reports
ECtHR European Court of Human Rights
Eden Eden's Chancery Reports
EDLR Environment and Development Law Reports (SA)
Edw Ch Edwards New York Chancery Reports
EFTA European Free Trade Association
EG Estates Gazette (UK)
EG Dig Estates Gazette Digest (UK)
EGCS Estates Gazette Case Summaries (UK)
EGLR Estates Gazette Law Reports (UK)
EHRLR European Human Rights Law Review
EHRR European Human Rights Reports
EIPR European Intellectual Property Review
El & Bl Ellis and Blackburn's Queen's Bench Reports
El & El Ellis and Ellis' Queen's Bench Reports
ELR European Law Review
ELRNZ Environmental Law Reports of New Zealand
ElTrib(NT) Electoral Tribunal (NT)
EMLR Entertainment and Media Law Reports (UK)
Env LR Environmental Law Reports (UK)
EOBd(Vic) Equal Opportunity Board (Vic)
EOC Equal Opportunity Cases (Cth and NZ)
EOTrib( ) Equal Opportunity Tribunal (State)
EPLJ Environmental and Planning Law Journal
EPO European Patent Office
EPOR European Patent Office Reports
Eq Cas Abr Equity Cases Abridged
Eq Rep Equity Reports (UK)
ER English Reports
ERC(Vic) Employee Relations Commission of Victoria
ERNZ Employment Reports of New Zealand
Esp Espinasse's Nisi Prius Reports
Ethos Official Publication of the Law Society of the Australian Capital Territory
ETL European Transport Law
ETMR European Trade Marks Reports
EWCA Civ Court of Appeal of England and Wales Decisions (Civil Division)
EWCA Crim Court of Appeal of England and Wales Decisions (Criminal Division)
EWCACiv Court of Appeal of England and Wales (Civil Division)
EWCACrim Court of Appeal of England and Wales (Criminal Division)
EWCOP England and Wales Court of Protection
EWFC England and Wales Family Court
EWHC (Admin) High Court of England and Wales Decisions (Administrative Court)
EWHC (Admlty) High Court of England and Wales Decisions (Admiralty Court)
EWHC (Ch) High Court of England and Wales Decisions (Chancery Division)
EWHC (Comm) High Court of England and Wales Decisions (Commercial Court)
EWHC (COP) High Court of England and Wales Decisions (Court of Protection)
EWHC (Fam) High Court of England and Wales Decisions (Family Division)
EWHC (Pat) High Court of England and Wales Decisions (Patents Court)
EWHC (QB) High Court of England and Wales Decisions (Queen’s Bench Division)
EWHC (TCC) High Court of England and Wales Decisions (Technology and Construction Court)
EWHCCh High Court of England and Wales (Chancery Division)
EWHCComm High Court of England and Wales (Commercial Division)
EWHCFam High Court of England and Wales (Family Division)
EWHCQB High Court of England and Wales (Queen’s Bench Division)
EWHCTCC High Court of England and Wales Technology and Construction Court
Ex CR Canadian Exchequer Court Reports
Ex D Exchequer Division
Exch Exchequer Reports
ExchCham Exchequer Chambers of the Queen's Bench Division
ExchRep Exchequer Reports



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