• Employment Law (Workplace Law)

    Employment Law (Workplace Law)

    The book, “A New Province of Law and Order” was written by Justice Higgins[1] and provides information in terms of...

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  • Animal Law Legal Research

    Animal Law Legal Research

    Question 2) What is the nature of 'link' between childhood cruelty to animals and subsequent violence against human? What implications...

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  • Constitutional Law Legal Research

    Constitutional Law Legal Research

    Currently, Australia has signed more than 900 international treaties but not all of them are successfully implemented into domestic law....

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  • Global Law Legal Research

    Global Law Legal Research

    International law is not a perfect system and needs to be enhanced and reformed by the nations. The United Nations...

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  • Website Project: Pet Resort

    Website Project: Pet Resort

    This project was started in February 2016 and completed 13th July 2016. During this period, I took 6 law subjects...

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